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This week’s guest curator is Laura Bronner, Co-Founder of one of our favorite beauty shopping sites, Gloss48. Their online store offers an ever-changing roster of indie beauty brands and is a paradise for product junkies like us! 

Laura comes from the salon world, having previously worked at Boston’s MiniLuxe and Chicago’s Nail Bar. Read on to see her BeautyBooked NYC salon picks… 

Pick #1: Rouge New Yorkimage

"I’m so excited about Rouge New York! It is ABSOLUTELY worth splurging on a professional makeup job for a night out. Despite being in the beauty industry, I’m not actually that adventurous when I’m doing my own makeup. The ladies at Rouge help me get a little more daring - without looking like Mimi from the Drew Carey Show. In addition to their own, fabulous line of makeup brushes and skincare, they use Julie Hewett - a Gloss48 favorite!” 

Pick #2: Euphoria Spaimage

"I have a very strict no-double-dipping policy when it comes to my waxing. Contrary to popular belief, wax that is cool enough to be applied to your body does not kill germs and bacteria. Plus, the thought of someone else’s, recently plucked body hair ending up on my skin…you get the picture. I love Euphoria Spa for its quick, hygienic approach to waxing. Let’s not pretend that I enjoyed my bikini wax. That’s ridiculous. However, Euphoria made it as quick, painless and germ-free as possible.”

Speaking of waxing, Laura has a few, tried and true methods to minimize the pain, which she shared with us: 

"For starters, I try not to think about it. Obsessing over the bikini wax that is going to happen after work is guaranteed to make it a traumatic experience. I take advil about 45 minutes before my service - and then continue to try not to obsess about it! I have recently started using BareEASE pre-wax numbing cream. It was developed by anesthesiologist Dr. Edna Ma. I can still feel some discomfort when I use BareEASE, but it is significantly less painful than when I brave it alone.” 

3 Favorite Things - Ritika

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all are staying warm :). Here are some of my favorite things that got me through the week: -Ritika

1. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Facial Oil - This potion makes my skin glow even in the dead of winter.

2. Diptyque Baies Candle: I have this at home but I’m bringing them to sit on my desk too — the rose & black current leaf infused scent is intoxicating.

3. Juice Press’ Doctor Green JuiceThis is my favorite pick-me-up for instant energy. Plus it has so many detoxing nutrients and vitamins, which feels like perfect boost when I feel like I’m surrounded by so many people under the weather! (Can spring come around already?!)

What got you through the week? Tweet us at @beautybooked and share!